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Custom Workwear

Custom Workwear Brisbane

When you work in the construction, trades and high-risk industries, you know the importance of having very high-quality custom workwear that is going to protect you from the hazards and potential threats that can come about as part of your day-to-day job.

As a business owner or operator, you also want to ensure that your personal protective equipment highlights your brand or company and makes a good first impression on the building site or on jobs. You don’t want your tradies or workers getting around in some tatty old high-vis clothing, or wearing something that isn’t suited to a job.

High Standards in the Workplace

Personal protective equipment that is a high standard needs to be used by workers in the trades and work industries. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is a type of clothing that controls the risks to your health and safety in the workplace.

As an employer or employee, you have a responsibility (and in fact, a legal obligation) to make sure that you are using the appropriate PPE for your industry. That said – PPE is not the most effective type of hazard management, and it’s far better to manage risks with things other than protective gear. But you need to have a whole system of risk management in place and working well, and that includes uniforms and high-vis workwear.

High-visibility safety clothing includes things like vests, bibs and overalls that improve how well they can be seen by other people – and are used to alert drivers and other vehicle operators to their presence. High-visibility clothing and safety gear is vital for workers who are working in low light and under poor visibility conditions.

Custom Workwear that Unifies

In addition to ensuring that your team are all safe and wearing the right kind of protective workwear, you want to make sure that you are presenting a unified and professional front for your business.

When you make a move to get your custom workwear embroidered, screen printed or otherwise decorated with your corporate brand or logo, you are taking a huge and important step in unifying your workers and your business. You are working to present a united front to your clients and to others on a worksite.

Solutions for Your Business

We have a range of workwear and high-vis options available for you and your business and would love to bring the best workwear solutions to your worksite.

Workwear embroidery
When you have a heavy-duty uniform, and you want your business name and/or logo to stand out, you need to opt for embroidery to get your name out there. We can embroider your company name, phone number, logo and anything else you want onto a heavy-duty shirt or workwear garment. There’s no better way to present a unified front than with a quality piece of embroidery on your shirts.



Workwear screen printing

Got a colourful image or a brand name that you want to show off? Choose screen printing! We have over 30 years of experience in providing screen printed solutions to companies and businesses and would love to be part of creating a stunning screen printed solution for your business. 

Workwear DTG printing

Direct to garment printing (DTG printing) is one of the latest innovations in textiles and garment decoration. The DTG process means that we can consistently create high-quality prints on garments without incurring crazy costs. And because DTG printing is used mainly on cotton garments, this is perfect for an off-duty work shirt or for a charity event or other fun event.

Workwear digital transfers

Do you need a high-impact and vibrant print of imagery and logos on your workwear? A digital transfer might just be the thing you need to get maximum impact on your work shirts.

Workwear sublimation

Because sublimation is used for garments that are light in colour and 100% polyester, they can really have an impact – but can only be used for certain fabrics. Speak to us if you think sublimation is the best choice for your business.

Why You Need High-quality Custom Workwear

Employees will respect you more

When you have workers that are dealing with high-risk situations, you need to ensure that you are providing your staff with the necessary protective gear. Even better if it is created with an insignia that allows them to represent your company! Give your employees the peace of mind to know that they have quality workwear for their jobs and they will be happier and more respectful of your company.

High-quality custom workwear is designed to last and last

When you have high-quality workwear that has been embroidered, printed on and decorated with your professional colours, logo and details, you want it to last. Especially when your workers are being exposed to a range of external pressures like high temperatures, sparks and other elements that can cause potential damage to workwear.

High-quality Custom Workwear is an Investment

While it might seem like money being spent on something that you could be spending elsewhere, there’s nothing better than the investment that you make in your business. By buying a quality range of work shirts for your staff, you are working to ensure that they are protected against injury or harm, and you are investing in your business through quality garments.

When your workers present a united front and all look professional and cohesive as a unit, it makes a better impression on clients. You may even secure more work off the back of having great presentation, as your workers will come across as more professional.

Get in touch with us today for a chat about how we can help you with your corporate workwear or high-vis printing and embroidery.

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