Benefits of Screen Printing

A Brief Introduction To Screen Printing

Chances are you’ve heard about screen printing and have a general understanding of what it is. However, do you know the extent to which it can be used? What started as a printing technique in China has now spread globally and has seen an expansive list of materials made available for use, including t-shirts, polo shirts, business shirts, work wear, hi-vis, bags, caps and hats, aprons, hoodies, fleecy, tea towels and more! Commonly used in printmaking, graphic design and textiles, screen printings is what we, at Lee T-shirts, specialise in and are here to talk to you about.

How It Works

The screen printing technique is carried out by stretching a piece of mesh “the screen” such as polyester across a frame designed most commonly from aluminium.   From artwork a stencil is then processed on the mesh and placed over the substrate intended to print on.  A squeegee is then used to force the in on to the surface of the substrate where it is absorbed and thus printed.


By using thicker, more composite inks, designs created by screen printing tend to be quite durable and long-lasting in addition to having a great finish. A favoured printing method amongst many today, screen printing also allows for a large range of inks and colours to be utilised, including machine washable textiles. Screen printing is quite versatile, being able to print on almost any material and surface. Screen printing is also a process that can be carried out by hand or automated with machinery for ease of use.


Due to its versatility, screen printing is a method that can accommodate many different industries and materials. While you may just think of t-shirt screen printing as a service useful for clothing stores, it can also be used for a range of other garments such as hats, work wear (including hi-vis), glass, wood, Perspex, corporate clothing and school/sporting uniforms. Screen printing is great for branding products with your company or team logo and can be used as a promotional tool.

As textile experts with over 50 years of industry knowledge and a wealth of experience, Lee T-shirts can provide you with the screen printing services you need. We will work with you to create a unique design or supply a product consistent with your brand identity. We have a strong focus on quality and durability, delivering outstanding garment decoration services for all in the Brisbane region and beyond. Contact us today for a free quote and discussion into what you need and how we can help create a custom look for your brand or business.

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