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Custom Corporate Clothing

Custom corporate clothing is a great way to communicate the professionalism of your team.

Making a good first impression in business is vital.

Leaders in Custom Corporate Clothing

At Lee T-Shirts, we specialise in custom corporate attire.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a small team of ten or a large team of hundreds – we can help you with your corporate clothing and uniforms.

We produce high-impact, vibrant full-colour prints and logos using a variety of techniques.

Custom Corporate Screen Printing

Our screen-printing services draw on over 30 years of experience in the industry.

We are proud to offer our custom corporate screen-printing service (like all of our other services) in house. Screen printing is a reliable, durable and effective solution for your custom garments.

Corporate Embroidery

For a durable, classic solution for your custom corporate attire, consider embroidery.

The cost for embroidery is calculated on the number of stitches that are used, and so it’s a cost-effective option if you have a multi-coloured logo.

Custom Corporate Sublimation Printing

This transfer process works for 100% polyester garments.  Sublimation printing works to make an image part of the fabric. Therefore it is perfect for lightweight sports shirts or any kind of polyester product.

Sublimation can only be used on light or white fabrics.

Digital-Hybrid Printing

Digital-hybrid printing is an innovative and effective way to get high-quality images onto custom corporate attire.

Digital hybrid printing is a combination of traditional screen-printing and digital printing techniques.  Therefore, it is a great option for casual workplace attire. For example, cafés, juice bars, or charity events.

Corporate Digital Transfers

A high-impact and full-colour printing process for high-resolution finishes that really stand out.

Digital transfers are a great option for small or large quantities of shirts.

Help Your Team to Shine

Create a lasting impression for valued clients and give your employees a sense of being part of the team!

Why You Need a Strong Corporate Look

Your industry demands it

Customer-focused service industries rely on staff members being easily recognisable.  Having a strong corporate look is vital.

Unity in Uniforms

Uniforms provide a sense of unity, equality and teamwork!