Custom Workwear Brisbane

Custom Workwear Brisbane

It is important to realise that high-quality custom workwear is essential for those in the construction and trades industries.

Especially as these industries can be high risk. Therefore, having the right gear is essential. For this reason high quality workwear from Lee T shirts is more important than ever before. Since our brands are designed to protect you from the hazards and potential threats that can come about as part of your job.

As a business owner or operator, you may also want your personal protective equipment to highlight your brand or company. First impressions count!

High Standards for PPE in the Workplace

  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) is a type of clothing that helps control workplace health and safety risks.  It must be of a high standard to be used by workers in the trades and work industries.
  • Employers and employees are legally obligated to ensure the appropriate PPE is worn in each industry.
  • High-visibility (Hi-Vis) clothing and safety gear is vital for workers who are working under low visibility conditions.
  • Lee T-Shirts extensive range of Hi-Vis and PPE includes custom shirts, vests, bibs, helmets, workboots, and overalls.

Custom Workwear that Unifies

In addition to ensuring safety, protective workwear can enhance your brand.

Custom workwear which is embroidered, screen printed or otherwise decorated with a corporate logo, identifies and unifies your team.

Custom Workwear Solutions for Your Business

Lee T-shirts has a wide range of Hi-Vis and PPE solutions available to you. Let us bring the best custom workwear solutions to your worksite.

Workwear embroidery

For heavy duty garments,  opt for embroidery.  Company logos and phone numbers look great when embroidered.

Workwear screen printing

For colourful images and logos, choose screen printing! We have over 35 years of experience in providing screen printed solutions.  Let us help you with your screenprinted custom workwear.

Workwear digital transfers

For high-impact logos on your custom workwear, consider a digital transfer.  This high quality, vibrant technique delivers maximum impact on your workwear.

Workwear sublimation

Because sublimation is used for garments that are light in colour and 100% polyester, they can really have an impact. They can however only be used for certain fabrics. Speak to us if you think sublimation is the best choice for your business.

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