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Digital Transfers for Digital T-Shirt Printing

Digital Transfers for Digital T-Shirt Printing

If you’re looking for high-quality and full-colour T-shirt transfers, garment transfers or accessory printing, we can help you at Lee T-Shirts. We have been in the industry for over 30 years and in that time have created many printing solutions for businesses and private clients.

We’d love to be able to bring you a high-quality and high colour digital transfer product, so get in touch with us on (07) 3265 3258  to find out how we can help you.

With our high-quality digital transfers, you will enjoy digital T-shirt printing and T-shirt transfers like no other! Enjoy:

  • Full colour and high-quality prints
  • Versatile printing options
  • Washable and long lasting designs
  • Stretchable print
  • Durable product life
  • Multiple colours at no extra cost (unlike screen printing)
  • Lightweight printing style

While your digital transfer will fade over time – as with most other styles of printing – they will be very bright and vibrant when you first get them done, and will last for multiple washes and wears. Normal wear on printing is to be expected and is something that will reduce if you take good care of your garments or printed items.

What are Digital Transfers?

When you get a digital transfer for your printing needs, we take the image that you provide us and then use a heat transfer process to imprint your image onto your garment of choice permanently. You can choose from our range of garments here and find out more about the types and sizes that we offer.

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Why Should I Choose Digital Transfers?

As with anything else, the kind of printing that you choose to do depends on the kind of job that you need to be done. If you are after a highly colourful design printed onto a small number of shirts, then digital transfers are a great option.

Some of the advantages of using a digital transfer process for your printing needs include:

  • Very high-resolution printing can be achieved, with photographic artwork being represented perfectly
  • Colours are vibrant no matter what kind or colour of shirt you do the digital transfers to
  • Fast turnaround and good for small batches of garments

Some of the disadvantages of using this method of printing include:

  • Precise colour matching isn’t possible because the printing method used is CMYK
  • Some types of artwork might not be suitable for this style of printing as the outcome depends on the original artwork
  • Digital transfers may not be the best option for large orders – this is where screen printing may be the best choice.

So, a digital transfer choice is best for things like promotional shirts, uniforms for small businesses, custom and one-off T-shirt printing and one-off garment printing. If you’re not sure what is best for you, why not give us a call on (07) 3265 3258 to discuss your needs.

Business or Personal

It doesn’t matter if you are a company looking for a lot of shirts for a promotional event or an upcoming conference, or if you are an artist who is looking to start selling your own designs – we can help you. We offer digital T-shirt printing for garments at a great price and can help you get started today.

We have a range of garments and accessories that you can print on and are only too happy to hear your ideas about what you have in mind. If you would like to see what kinds of garments we can print on, take a look at our range and catalogue here.

We work with leading garment manufacturers like Biz Collection, BeSeen Workwear, Grace Collection custom T-shirts, AS Colour for exceptional basics, and DNC Workwear just to name a few. If you’re stuck for what to choose, our friendly team can help you to decide. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we can help you narrow down the best choice for your business or personal order.

What Kind of Design do I Need to Give Lee T-Shirts?

You can supply us with any kind of artwork so long as it is high-quality and the final product that you would like to see on your garments.

How Long will it Take to Complete my Digital Transfer Job?

As with any other job that you need to be done, the time taken to complete your printing will depend on the size of the print run and the complexity of the job. If you need something done quickly we can usually help with a rush job – so get in touch on (07) 3265 3258 for a chat about your needs.

Why Lee T-shirts?

We’re proud to say that we’re 100% Australian-owned and family run and have a huge wealth of experience in the digital transfers and custom garment industry. We have created exceptional one-off digital transfer jobs, and large scale print runs too, so if you’re wondering if we can help you out – we can!

We started out in 1984 with the aim of providing high-quality products and the very best service and 30 years later we’re delighted to be still serving the people of Brisbane and further afield. We are always evolving to meet the needs of our clients and customers. We produce everything in-house and don’t outsource anything which means that you can be assured of quality control.

We offer high-quality screen printing and design, embroidery, direct to garment (DTG) printing and sublimation in addition to digital transfer service.

We are your number one choice for all your digital T-shirt printing and textile decoration needs in Brisbane and around Australia.

Simply get in touch with us on (07) 3265 3258 or pop down to the showroom if you’re in Brisbane. We’re located at 4/129 Robinson Road East, Geebung. We’d love to speak to you about your printing needs so get in touch.