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Looking to make a statement with your corporate shirts? You need to get some embroidered shirts from Lee T-Shirts based in Brisbane! We have a great range of colours and sizes with embroidery options only limited by your imagination. Wondering if we can manage your embroidery job? We can help. Speak to us today!

Embroidery is one of the most selected options for designing custom T-shirts. Not only does embroidery give your garments a classic and elegant look and feel, but it also offers you a hard-wearing and long lasting render of your logo or choice of design. The professional results from Lee T-Shirts are bound to impress.

Our professional embroidery machines can produce up to fifteen colours in a single design which means that your logo or design will be produced in intricate detail and colour. Unlike screen printing, the cost of your embroidery work is calculated on the number of stitches that are used, instead of the number of colours used.

If you’re wondering what the best option is for decorating your corporate shirts or garments – embroidery is the way to go

What is Embroidery?

Embroidery is the process by which a design is sewn onto a garment using a computerised sewing (embroidery) machine. You can embroider your logo or design onto things like hats, jackets, aprons, bags, polo shirts and almost any apparel.


Why Should I Choose Embroidered Shirts or Garments over Screen Printing?

There is a range of benefits to each method. Embroidered shirts are going to cost a little more on the spend, but since embroidery is a longer-lasting method (as it’s more durable), it’s not going to wash away over time. That said, if you’re after a quick and easy solution for a shirt or garment, screen printing is a great choice. It just depends what you want for your design.

Also, when you are getting your shirts embroidered you can choose to have multiple colours in your design without paying extra like you do with screen printing. So, for a business or school with multiple colours in their logo, embroidery makes sense on a cost perspective.

It also depends on the type of garment you are looking to imprint on. If you have a fuzzy or textured garment in mind, an embroidered logo or design can work best as it won’t crack or flake off on the uneven surface.

What Kind of Design Do I Need to Give Lee T-Shirts?

or custom embroidery you only need to have a high quality image file – although a vector file would be great if you have it! (What’s a vector? It’s an image that is resolution-independent which means it can be scaled to any size with no loss of resolution or sharpness.)

We digitize your artwork and then program it into our embroidery machine. If you do use artwork that’s a JPEG, JPG or GIF file, then please make sure that the image is a little bigger than the size you need it embroidered. This will make it easier to embroider a clear design.

What is Digitizing?

Put simply – this is where we take the artwork you have given us and we turn it into a file that our machines can read. Once this file is uploaded, the machine knows how many stitches it will take, and then stitches the logo onto your garment.

Which Colours can I get Embroidered?

When you choose to get your garment embroidered with Lee T-Shirts, you will enjoy a choice of a range of colours.

Can I get Shirt Embroidery in More than One Spot?

Yes indeed! We would love to offer you multiple embroidery options if that is what you need for your shirts or garments. Work out the design on your own, or speak to our team of experts for advice on everything from embroidery stitches through to layout and colour design.

How Long Will Embroidery Take?

It depends on the size of your job and when you need it by. We can usually rush jobs if necessary – so if you need quick turnaround on your shirt embroidery , simply get in touch to see what we can do.

Business or Personal

If you need shirts for a corporate event, if you want a new look for your sporting team or if you need a garment embroidered for a special birthday or event, we can help you out. We have worked with leading brands across Brisbane and Australia and have a lot of pride in the work we do for embroidery. Why not see what we can do for your business?

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