Custom Health And Beauty Uniforms

Here at Lee T-shirts we offer a large and extensive range of custom Health and Beauty uniforms to cater for just about every industry. One of our specialities is providing quality, competitively priced and long-lasting uniforms, scrubs and tunics.

Why Choose Lee T-Shirts for your Health & Beauty Uniforms?

Lee T-Shirts was established in the northern suburbs of Brisbane in 1984 with a dedication to providing the very best garment decoration services. We have built this business from the ground up with a solid foundation of high-quality products and friendly customer service and, as they say, the rest is history!

More than 30 years later, Lee T-Shirts continues to evolve to meet the needs of our health and beauty clients. Our apparel services are produced in-house and we never outsource. We provide high-quality screen printing and design services, embroidery, textile transfers, and sublimation.

In short, we offer the ultimate textile decoration solutions.

With a long history and dedication to our craft, we continue to strive to improve our service offering to our customers right across Australia.

Beauty Tunics, Nurse and Medical Uniforms & Spa Uniforms

Want to save time on energy on deciding your workwear? Well, Lee T-Shirts has simplified it for you. Our uniforms ensure that you look and feel the best at work, thereby increasing your productivity. It’s time to transform your professional look to from top to bottom

We’ve been supplying and personalising stylish and comfortable nurses’ uniforms, beauty tunics, and spa uniforms that look great and are built to last since the 1980s.

We supply uniforms across right across Australia from right here in Queensland. As a family business with 40 years’ experience, we understand the requirements for Australian beauticians, spa professionals, nurses and the Australian healthcare requirements and we’re sure to have an option that’s perfect for your role.

We offer a full and comprehensive range of health uniforms, beauty tunics, dental uniforms and scrubs at some of the most competitive prices in the industry.

Why wear health and beauty uniforms?

There are many reasons why we now see more and more beauty salon workers wearing uniforms. These uniforms range from traditional beauty uniforms right the way through to very stylish beauty tunics.

Like the health industry, the beauty salons of Australia have decided to adopt uniforms for their health and sanitary qualities but there are many reasons why you should opt for a uniform in your salon or clinic. We’ve explored a few of those reasons below.

  • Create Consistency

One of the wonderful things about beauty uniforms is the consistent message it sends out to customers and clients. Beauty Tunics are a smart, stylish and affordable way to make clients feel at ease and portray constant that make your customers feel comfortable and your staff feel professional and proud.

  • Brand Identity

This is an obvious one but one benefit that most business owners overlook. Unless you own a big chain with multiple locations the most affordable way to promote your salon, clinic or surgery is to wear beauty tunics, health uniforms or scrubs with your logo on. Obviously, if you’re looking to brand your health and beauty uniforms, we can definitely help you find the best solution whether it’s printing or embroidery.

  • Help Your Customers Identify Who Works For you.

Again, this is a very obvious but overlooked benefit of having a custom beauty uniform. When you walk into large chain supermarkets you instantly know who can and who can’t help you if you have a question or need help.

The health and beauty industry are no different. When potential, and existing clients, enter your business it is absolutely beneficial for them to instantly recognise you or your staff by their beauty tunic.

  • Avoid damaging your own clothes

As with any ‘hands-on’ work, the health and beauty uniform need to stand up to a lot of daily punishment. This means that the quality and material of the garment needs to be hard-wearing, long-lasting and be able to survive a daily trip to the washing machine and still look like new.

Fortunately for your own clothes we have just the answer. All of our health uniforms, scrubs, beauty uniforms and beauty tunics are manufactured to the highest standard. All of our custom printing and embroidery is also guaranteed to last the daily rigors of working in the health and beauty industries.

  • Save Money

Investing in high-quality health uniforms, beauty uniforms or beauty tunics can save you and your business money in the long run. Sure, there might be cheaper options out there but from our experience a well maintained, quality beauty tunic can last for many years while still looking like today was the first day you wore it.


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We would love to help you with your custom Health and Beauty Uniforms. If you have any questions about our uniform offerings, we can happily discuss them with you. We are based in Brisbane, but we provide quality garments across Australia to businesses who need well-made uniforms.

We’ve been working in the uniform and garment decoration business for over 30 years now. In that time we’ve picked up a thing or two about what is important for uniform customisation and design. We’re proud of the work we do for our customers. We take a great deal of pride in producing quality garments and uniforms for every single person we work with.


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