How to Wash Screen Printed Apparel

Washing Screen Printed Apparel

So you’ve forked out the money to get custom-made shirts, bags, drink coolers, hats, or something else along those lines. Now, it’s time to figure out how to make that worth your
money and ensure its longevity.

One of the best ways to take proper care of your customised apparel is to wash it properly. We know that some items we buy from the store these days can be tumble dried and others still recommend the ancient form of hand washing, but if you really want to ensure value for money, you best read on for tips on how to wash screen printed apparel.

Cold Water
It’s always best to wash your apparel in cooler water. Unless it’s covered in mud and other
hard to remove stains or needs to be disinfected, there is no need for hot water when
washing anything. A cold, gentle cycle will prevent early fading of the print and fabric colour.

This is pretty much an ‘always’ technique and not specific solely to your custom printed
apparel. Doing this with your t-shirts, jeans and anything else can prevent fading and any
damage to embellishments and prints. We also recommend this technique when ironing your
custom-made apparel, particularly t-shirts.

No Bleach
We understand and encourage you to use stain remove on difficult spots, but recommend
staying away from bleach and other strong cleaning products completely. Like using hot
water, there is no real advantage to washing your apparel with bleach products. Strong
detergents are also recommended against.

If you’re truly committed to caring for your apparel, we suggest air drying.

Wash Together
It’s an old technique and, well, really not a technique at all. Unfortunately, we’ve all seen a
white shirt or other piece of clothing turn a new shade when washed with a coloured fabric.
This is why we recommend, at least for the first few washes, to group your clothes into
similar colours and put through the laundry separately. Alternatively, you can hand wash the
first time to test if the colour of your product runs and therefore feel a little more at ease
about washing with lighter colours.

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