Custom Medical Scrubs

Whether you require a functional medical uniform or custom Medical Scrubs for yourself or staff members, Lee T- shirts has a large range of options that are sure to meet your high standards. All of our health care uniforms, Medical Scrubs and other uniforms are suitable for use in Australian Hospitals and other medical facilities such as vets, dentists and private medical centres. We have been supplying medical uniforms, health care uniforms and medical scrubs to customers right across Australia for almost forty-years.


Health Care Uniforms

Wearing the correct and proper uniform at work is very important.  Firstly, wearing the correct uniform leave the wearer professional and presentable. Secondly, uniforms protect employees from contaminants and make an employee’s job easier which is more important nowadays than at any other time. Medical uniforms, attire and scrubs come in many different colours, styles and serve just as many different purposes.

Historically, the medical industry and the uniforms worn by Doctors, Nurses, Surgeons and other Health Care Professionals haven’t changed much.  Over the last twenty years, we have seen the medical industry on a whole shy away from the more traditional medical uniforms and replace those long white coats and impractical nurses’ uniforms with scrubs or medical scrubs. The adoption of medical scrubs has changed the way medical staff perform their jobs and easily enable colleagues to differentiate people from different departments or areas of the medical field.

What are Medical Scrubs?

Medical scrubs, or scrubs, are two-piece uniforms made from sanitary cloths that are worn by Doctors, Nurses and other medical professionals involved in patient care in both public and private hospitals.  Originally designed for wear in operating theatre’s, Medical Scrubs have been adopted hospital-wide across the whole of Australia.


Why wear Medical Scrubs?

The wearing of Medical Scrubs in Australian hospitals has become commonplace for several different reasons. Firstly, Medical Scrubs, similar to those Lee T-Shirts supply is considered advantageous as they are cost-effective if they require replacement due to damage or extensive wear.  They are hard-wearing, easy to launder and, as mentioned previously, help team members distinguish a Doctor from a Nurse and a Nurse from a Surgeon thanks to the use of run-free, hygienic clothing dye. Medical Scrub colours aren’t just for identification purposes.  The colour choices of most scrubs are designed so that containments such as blood, urine and other biological materials are easily and quickly identified by the wearer.

Custom Medical Scrubs

As with all work uniforms, medical attire, health care uniforms and medical scrubs are no different in that, very often, they need to be customised. Here at Lee T-Shirts, we don’t just supply the uniforms, we have a wide variety of ways in which we can customise each and every item. Medical scrubs can be customised by simply adding a hospital name, an employee name or a logo in just about any area of each item of clothing. Customising medical scrubs is becoming more and more common as it enables patients and colleagues to identify a team member by name.  Custom embroidery is also considered far more hygienic and safer than sticky labels or pin badges.

Why choose Lee t-shirts for custom uniforms?

With many options available to you when it comes to selecting a supplier for your medical scrubs, we don’t think you’ll find an Australian firm with more experience, an eye for detail and customer service to match us. We have been supplying medical scrubs, health care uniforms and medical attire from our Brisbane head office to medical professionals Australia-wide always knowing we are offering the best in quality and variety. From our inception back in 1984, we have strived to be different and offer a level of care that helps us stand head and shoulders above our competition.  All orders come complete with our own guarantee of satisfaction.


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We would love to help you with your custom Medical Scrubs Uniforms. If you have any questions about our uniform offerings, we can happily discuss them with you. We are based in Brisbane, but we provide quality garments across Australia to businesses who need well-made uniforms. We’ve been working in the uniform and garment decoration business for over 35 years now. In that time we’ve picked up a thing or two about what is important for uniform customisation and design. We’re proud of the work we d o for our customers. We take a great deal of pride in producing quality garments and uniforms for every single person we work with.

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