School Uniform Printing and Embroidery

School uniforms are important in our Australian schools. Whether unifying students or acting as an equaliser, it cannot be denied that it’s a whole lot easier to get ready in the morning when there is a ready solution to the question of what to wear each day. School uniforms are a key part of the Australian education system, and at Lee T-Shirts we are proud to be a supplier of quality school uniform printing and embroidery. We ensure that every garment we produce is designed to last and to be a source of pride for your school and its students.

Importance of Uniforms in School

School uniforms go a long way towards creating a sense of unity and pride with students and teachers alike. When you wear a uniform, you have an identity, and that is a big part of helping kids to think and act like a school student. A uniform demonstrates that you are part of a group, something bigger than yourself, and that you are in something together with your peers.

It’s been found that wearing a school uniform may be a key part in contributing to helping students focus. When kids wear a uniform, they don’t have to worry about peer pressure, how they look, what they’re wearing each day. This is because when everyone is dressed the same, there’s no competition; there’s no financial pressure to have the best and most up-to-date clothing.

Benefits of a School Uniform

When you have a school uniform, you can enjoy a whole host of benefits including:

  • Increased student self-esteem due to lack of focus on dressing to impress
  • Decreases in bullying
  • Improvements in learning thanks to reduced distractions
  • Greater feeling of teamwork and increases in school spirit
  • Savings on time when getting ready, and on money for new clothes

Not to mention the fact that a uniform helps to identify outsiders who are on school grounds quicker and easier. If a child isn’t in uniform then it’s much easier to tell that they shouldn’t be on school grounds!

Uniforms for State, Public and Private Schools

School uniform screen printing

We offer a range of screen printing options for your school to enjoy. Screen printing has been a key part of our service offering for many years. We’re proud to offer it to your school or students to identify and decorate your uniforms. Screen printing promises to provide a decorative and durable print for your shirts or garments. We also print everything in-house to ensure the highest of quality. Screen printing is reliable, durable and always produces great results.

School uniform embroidery

For that extra special touch, you can’t go past embroidery for your school uniforms. Our embroidery machine can produce up to 15 colours in a single design. This means that you’re going to get true to life representations of your school’s colours or crest. Embroidered clothing has a classic, professional and durable feel to it and is a great option for your school.

School uniform digital transfers

For high-impact and vibrant logos and transfers, you need to use digital transfers on your school uniforms. Digital transfers are a very versatile and attractive option for your uniforms. It also allows the high-resolution artwork to ‘pop’ on your uniforms. This kind of printing is best suited to glossy digital prints and high-shine results.

School uniform sublimation

This is a sophisticated method of printing which involves heat transfers and pressure to get a design or a logo onto a 100% polyester garment. This method of printing allows us to print limitless colours onto a garment – and it looks flawless on completion. Sublimation is perfect whether you’re printing small or large quantities, and as with all our other kinds of printing, it takes place on-site.

Uniforms Make It Easier to Learn

Where children are concerned, rules and regulations are required. Kids will meet increasingly high standards of behaviour so long as they are set – and when you have a high-quality uniform for your school, you create a high standard that works to develop a culture of adherence and inclusiveness.

In our Australian schools it’s important to have uniform standards that are adhered to, with blazers smooth and worn with pride, hats on heads, and tucked-in shirts. When kids have clear rules in place and high expectations for how they should look, it’s easy for parents to get on board in keeping the standard of uniform up, and for staff to keep kids in line.

Lee T-Shirts for School Uniforms

We have been providing top quality school uniform printing and embroidery for Australian schools for many years.  Our team have a huge wealth of experience and expertise in all manner of screen printing, embroidery, sublimation printing, digital and DTG printing.

We would love to help your school with its uniforms and to provide you with the best possible solution for your school and students. Whether you need uniforms for a sports team, or you need a particular embroidery service that celebrates achievements for your students, we can help.

Each kind of printing and decoration option that we provide for our clients has its own set of features and benefits which work for different situations. Don’t hesitate to get in touch for a chat or a quote on our products.

For assistance or a quote on our garment decoration and printing services. Give us a call on (07) 3265 3258. Email us at or come down and see us in person in Brisbane. At Unit 4/129 Robinson Rd East, Geebung.

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