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Why Are Custom Clothing & Promotional Products Are Important for Your Business?

Why Are Custom Clothing & Promotional Products Are Important for Your Business?

This is a great question and one that we’re asked a lot. So, with that in mind, let’s explore the reasons why we think custom clothing and promotional products are important to you, your business and your customer’s perception of you and your company.

Free(ish) Advertising

Ok, so you have to pay for custom printing on t-shirts, work shirts, hoodies and coats but every time you or one of your employees goes to see a client or pops down to the local coffee shop your business is getting free exposure in your local area.

We’ve received many reports from our customers telling us that they have snared a big order from simply being stopped in supermarkets or in cafes because of their custom printed workwear.


Safety At Work

Custom workwear isn’t just exclusively for office environments.  We sell a wide range of custom safety workwear that helps the wearer be seen at night or protect them from dust, dirt and other nasties you might find on a building site or in the bush.


Custom workwear enables staff, customers and management to identify whether people should be in particular areas of a workplace.  Look at Apple, they have branded T-Shirts that all staff members wear so they can easily identify who is an employee and who isn’t.


Custom hospitality clothing is another area that we service.  It is imperative, in a kitchen for example, that certain areas of the body be protected against hot areas and hair be kept on your head and not in a customer’s soup!

We have a huge range of custom hospitality workwear and uniforms that are safe and hygienic

A Great Way of Rewarding Employees and Customers

Let’s face it, we all like to be appreciated and what better way of saying thank you to employees and customers than by presenting them with some branded merchandise.

We are often asked to print custom t-shirts for our customers in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast for their employee of the month.  We have seen an increase in customers asking for custom printed t-shirts and custom baseball caps to present to customers and clients too.

Create an Impression that Lasts

Based on the latest research, 64% of people who received custom promotional material remembered the name of the company that presented the item to them. Whether that be custom stationary, custom t-shirts or custom embroidered shirts and hats it has been proven that extended exposure to even the smallest of brand names can have a big impact on people and your business.

Being Part of a Team

Again, based on research, it has been proven that when people feel part of something bigger, they perform to a higher level.  It isn’t a coincidence that non-customer facing companies opt for custom uniforms, custom shirts and a whole array of custom clothing.  The knock-on effect of everybody wearing their ‘team’ colours sees an increase in productivity and better results across the board.


There is a lot more to it than uniformity and looking the same as your colleagues.  As well as empowering employees, wearing custom workwear also enable staff members the freedom of not spending a lot of money on corporate workwear from expensive high street retailers.

When you give your staff the opportunity to wear custom printed t-shirts and branded workwear to the work place every day you take the sometimes-painful process of deciding what to wear out of the equation.

Wearing branded workwear (at the time of writing) is also a great way for staff members to claim a tax deduction against anything they purchase with your firm’s logo on it.

These are just some of the reasons we believe custom workwear and branded promotional material is so important to you and your business.

Here at Lee T-Shirts, we offer a wide range of custom workwear and promotional ideas; ranging from scree printed t-shirts and embroidered work shirts right the way through to pants, hats and just about anything else you’d like to see your company logo on.

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